Strawberry Fields Forever

When I arrived in Liverpool, I was told that people come here for one of two things: football or The Beatles.  While it was not the soul reason I visited Liverpool, I do love the Beatles. So on my first day, I took the Magical Mystery Tour. The only Beatles tour you should take in […]

Whitby Abbey

High up on a hill, above the small but vibrant seaside town of Whitby, standa the glorious ruins of a Gothic abbey. Take The 199 Steps up to the top of the hill, pay about £7 and you’re wandering under the epic arches of what was once clearly a magnificent piece of architecture.   I […]

Have Some Pride! 

In 1984-85 in the UK there was a huge miners strike, affecting the coal industry. I don’t know the full details, something to do with crap wages and Maggie Thatcher being a bitch. What I do know from movies such as Billy Eliot is that it had horrible affects on the mining communities and their […]

Alt Camden

Camden is the notoriously alternative area of London. Home to many famous people past and present, including Alan Bennet, Amy Winehouse and Madness. Camden Market and Camden Lock markets were supposed to have been one of the best places to shop back in the 70s and 89s.  Now, of course, it’s alternative nature attracts hordes […]

An Awfully Big Adventure

Tomorrow I embark on an awfully big adventure. I am flying to London, on my own. From which I will travel England and Europe on my own. (I say England instead of the the United Kingdom as I currently have no plans of visiting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland). When I finished school at the end of […]