Sexy Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam I attended one of the Red Light District’s iconic live sex shows. At first, the thought of this kind of show may seem degrading and sleazy. But that’s far from reality.  Amsterdam is known for two things; pot and sex. And the places that provide these passtimes are much visited by tourists. […]

Kings of the Wild Frontier

On Wednesday the 8th of June I saw Adam Ant play his iconic album Kings of the Wild Frontier in it’s entirety, at New Theatre Oxford.  I’ve adored Adam Ant for a long, long time and it was so exciting to see him live. Much to my surprise, he seemed to still possess the same […]

Tourist In My Own Country

I’ve always had a strong connection to England. My Dad was born here, all his extended family are still here. I’ve always loved English humour, English slang, English history. I even wanted to live here, and maybe one day I will.  But being away from home makes me realise how much I love Australia. For […]