Outfit- Old School Goth for The Damned

The Damned have been a part of my life for my entire life. There is a large framed poster of their album Phantasmagoria on the wall of the study, and I grew up watching The Young Ones so I remember them from the episode “Nasty”. But it wasn’t until about the age of 17 or 18 […]

Fuck Me Gently with a Chainsaw

So for a very long time, I’ve had my sights focused on being a costume designer. Those sights have kind of blurred in the past year, however I still love costume work. My work has never gone any further than high school musicals and plays. Even after I graduated, I was brought back to do […]

Brecht and the Ramones

I have visited the crazy city of Berlin twice in the last few years, and both trips I have made sure to visit two places very close to my heart. A short walk away from each other in the area of Mitte, are the Ramones Museum and Bertolt Brecht’s grave and residence. I grew up listening to […]

Sexy Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam I attended one of the Red Light District’s iconic live sex shows. At first, the thought of this kind of show may seem degrading and sleazy. But that’s far from reality.  Amsterdam is known for two things; pot and sex. And the places that provide these passtimes are much visited by tourists. […]

Brisbane Bound (literally partying with pirates)

I LOVE impulse decisions. I am the kind of person who over-thinks things far too much, and end up making my best decisions on impulse. And I totally know that. But because I over-think things, impulse decisions are few and far between. This was not exactly an impulse decision, but an invite to a certain […]

Partying With Pirates

If you’re a fan of pirates, metal and drinking (like me), then Aussie pirate rockers Lagerstein are for you! Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Lagerstein dress as pirates, drink like pirates and sing about, yep you guessed it, pirates! And everything involved with being pirate, namely drinking. However my Dad says, “they don’t dress as pirates. They ARE […]