Alt Camden

Camden is the notoriously alternative area of London. Home to many famous people past and present, including Alan Bennet, Amy Winehouse and Madness. Camden Market and Camden Lock markets were supposed to have been one of the best places to shop back in the 70s and 89s. 

Now, of course, it’s alternative nature attracts hordes of tourists everyday. Tacky tourist shops now take up a majority of the markets, selling crap “alternative” or gimicky items, and run by immigrants. However, there are still a few genuin stores, run by people who aren’t just selling alternative to tourists. 

Darkside, 245 Camden High Street

One of the ladies working here followed me around the whole shop, which was unnerving. But they have some great stuff. They had these great military style jackets, and downstairs a bunch of rockabilly wear. 

Black Widow, 29A Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

A small and poky store, but filled to the brim with fantastic Goth wear. Was tempted by a patent vinyl underbust corset, but restrained myself!

Alienate Designs, 33A Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

This one is a little different. Alienate designs is a family run business that sells handmade ornaments of gargoyls, skulls and various creatures. They also have a selection of great band t-shirts. 

No Wear, 32a Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

This store sells handmade clothes and accessories, the guy was actually sitting behind the counter making things right there! Lot’s a chains,ropes and beads adorn the items sold here, with the occasional feather or lace. 

Sai Sai, Unit 36 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

Again another Goth shop. This one considerably larger. They have a bit of everything. They even have their own range of waist training corsets. The shop assistants were lovely and even helped me into me into corsets! 

Cyberdog, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

This place is very different. A sort of space themed trance and rave store. With items ranging from Jetons style dresses, glow in the dark childrenswear, to fetishwear and sex toys. The place is like a rave, with loud music and strobe lights. I love it! 

Burleska, 10b Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road

I have saved the best till last. Burleska is a fantastic corset shop. Ranging from Goth to burlesque, to anything inbetween. I got chatty with the lovely sales girl and told her about Goth clubs in Melbourne. They have a larger selection on their online store, and even offer tailor made corsets upon request! Their range varies from plastic to double steel boned corsets and a range of accessories. This shop is a must!

As far as vintage goes, there is plentiful but all roughly the same. I’m not much of a vintage buff so I can’t really talk, but if you like vintage then Camden is the place to be. There is also a Collectif store in the Stables Market, which is is a British reproduction vintage brand that is worth a look!

Maddy x


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