Pin-Up with No Pin-Up Gals

I’ve been into vintage and rockabilly fashion since I discovered it was a thing, at about age 13. My love of history and old things morphed into something that dictates my day to day style. Starting with one vintage style dress at age 14, and now able to do vintage hair styling and makeup. But […]

Alt Camden

Camden is the notoriously alternative area of London. Home to many famous people past and present, including Alan Bennet, Amy Winehouse and Madness. Camden Market and Camden Lock markets were supposed to have been one of the best places to shop back in the 70s and 89s.  Now, of course, it’s alternative nature attracts hordes […]

A Standard Is A Standard

I’m clearly not one to talk ill of people who love the past. But we honestly have to stop using the 1950s as an example of “better body standards” of what is considering beautiful. I’ve seen it come up a number of times on social media. I once even saw it in some art work […]