Time for Another Adventure?

There is a shop in the Royal Arcade here in Melbourne called Spellbox, which as you may have guessed, is a magic shop. And not the magician/illusionist tricks shop, actual practical magic. Spellbox is your place to go for crystals, wands, magic kits, candles, and books on every type of magic and mythology you can think of. […]

Just You’re Average Friday

I cannot believe I didn’t think to blog about this. It was so exciting and so relatable to the themes of this blog!  I arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon and decided to suck it up and walk the 30 minute walk to my hostel, despite my suitcase.  As I was nearing somewhere near […]

Café Prúckel, Vienna

As I write this I am sitting in the gorgeous retro Café Prúckel on Stubenring, Vienna. It’s 30 something degrees celcius outside and I’ve escaped the heat for an espresso and some ice-cream.  Vienna has a strong coffee culture, much like my hometown of Melbourne. And while I am not a frequent coffee drinker I […]

Goth Paradise

To be fair, while Kutná Hora’s Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the bone chapel, may seem like the sort of attraction only visited by weird people, it is in fact the opposite. The small chapel is decorated with the bones of roughly 40,000-70,000 people, and is visitef by hoards of tourists of all walks of […]

Sexy Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam I attended one of the Red Light District’s iconic live sex shows. At first, the thought of this kind of show may seem degrading and sleazy. But that’s far from reality.  Amsterdam is known for two things; pot and sex. And the places that provide these passtimes are much visited by tourists. […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

When I arrived in Liverpool, I was told that people come here for one of two things: football or The Beatles.  While it was not the soul reason I visited Liverpool, I do love the Beatles. So on my first day, I took the Magical Mystery Tour. The only Beatles tour you should take in […]

Whitby Abbey

High up on a hill, above the small but vibrant seaside town of Whitby, standa the glorious ruins of a Gothic abbey. Take The 199 Steps up to the top of the hill, pay about £7 and you’re wandering under the epic arches of what was once clearly a magnificent piece of architecture.   I […]

Alt Camden

Camden is the notoriously alternative area of London. Home to many famous people past and present, including Alan Bennet, Amy Winehouse and Madness. Camden Market and Camden Lock markets were supposed to have been one of the best places to shop back in the 70s and 89s.  Now, of course, it’s alternative nature attracts hordes […]