An Awfully Big Adventure

Tomorrow I embark on an awfully big adventure. I am flying to London, on my own. From which I will travel England and Europe on my own. (I say England instead of the the United Kingdom as I currently have no plans of visiting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland).

When I finished school at the end of 2014, things didn’t go quite as I wanted. I wanted to get a job, work for six months, then head overseas and travel. I’ve always wanted to travel when I finished school. I was lucky enough to travel with family three times, one trip being over the Christmas I finished school. Which meant I missed prime hiring time, and struggled to find a job when I returned. Two very difficult months into the year (for more reasons than just lack of job), I landed a job at my hairdressers as a salon assistant. With only working a maximum of 15 hours a week, I took on a nine month diploma course in specialist makeup services, finally coming to terms with the fact that travelling was not going to happen that year.

So I worked and I worked hard. I bought hardly anything. I hardly went anywhere or went out, all in the name of saving money. About sixth months into my savings I bought a $50 bra and it felt amazing to finally spend a bit of money on myself. To not say “I can’t, I’m saving”. While I had plenty of money really, I spent the year as if I had hardly any. Saying things like “I can’t afford it” or “I’m broke” because it really felt like I was.

I was incredibly and amazingly lucky to have the support of my parents. They didn’t charge me board, and they paid for my diploma course, all to help me get as much money as I could to go overseas. I’m an only child, with two fairly well-earning parents, and I get spoilt occasionally. And I know just how lucky I am to have had that support. I could not have achieved this without them or their support in the slightest.

I am incredibly close with my parents. And the thought of spending so much time away from them is scary for all of us. I’ve never gone more than three weeks without them. But this was going to have to happen eventually, and while they’re going to miss me they are also incredibly excited for me. Both of them travelled when they were young, and so they know what an amazing experience it is and what an important experience it is to have.

So here I go. Going on what will be the biggest adventure of my life so far. It will be hard. I will be on my own a majority of the time, living on a budget, being away from loved ones. But this is something I’ve been planning literally since I was about ten years old. And the thought that I will be finally be full filling my child hood dream is too good to be true.

Maddy xx


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