Ich Liebe Berlin

For my birthday I received two gift cards to my favourite place, Honey Birdette. TWO! I had a $150 to spend. Needless to say, I was pretty ecstatic. The girls at work know me so well. I invested in a piece I’ve been lusting over for months, Berlin. Previously I had tried the bra and garter set, […]

Lady Dominatrix

Last Saturday was a good friend of mine’s birthday. The theme for his party was “Original Superheroes and Villains”, and awards were to be given to the most creative, the most aesthetically pleasing, and three “you tried” prizes. I created Lady Dominatrix, partly as an excuse to wear my leather corset and carry around a […]

Brisbane Bound (literally partying with pirates)

I LOVE impulse decisions. I am the kind of person who over-thinks things far too much, and end up making my best decisions on impulse. And I totally know that. But because I over-think things, impulse decisions are few and far between. This was not exactly an impulse decision, but an invite to a certain […]

Just Another Day

Birthdays don’t ignite any particular feelings of importance for me. My family don’t make huge fusses out of any sort of day unless we feel like it. There’s no “should”s attached with anything like Christmas, or Easter, or birthdays. And it’s sometime’s hard for me to understand the sort of mind-set that places all these rules […]