Strawberry Fields Forever

When I arrived in Liverpool, I was told that people come here for one of two things: football or The Beatles. 

While it was not the soul reason I visited Liverpool, I do love the Beatles. So on my first day, I took the Magical Mystery Tour. The only Beatles tour you should take in Liverpool. Run by the Cavern Club, The Magical Mystery tour is a two hour tour that takes you to every sight you need to see. All the fab four’s childhood homes, Penny Lane, various locations that featured in their lives while growing up. 

But my favourite, for some strange reason, was Strawberry Field. The song, Strawberry Fields, is by far NOT my favourite Beatles tune. It was the story behind it. What is now an empty, overgrown lot encased by an old brick wall and a cheery red iron gate, was once in fact a home for orphans and young, unwed mothers. John supposedly used to climb the wall and perve on the girls, much to the dismay of aunt Mimi. The gate was kind of spooky, and the story of what it had once been an a home, the liked of which don’t really exist anymore, was all a bit spooky. 

The other little story I liked, that did actually pertain to one of my favourite Beatles songs, was that the cemetery that John’s mum was buried in has a grave of Eleanor Rigbg. Eleanor Rigby was a rule person. 

Maddy x


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