Time for Another Adventure?

There is a shop in the Royal Arcade here in Melbourne called Spellbox, which as you may have guessed, is a magic shop. And not the magician/illusionist tricks shop, actual practical magic. Spellbox is your place to go for crystals, wands, magic kits, candles, and books on every type of magic and mythology you can think of. […]

No Prost to Oktoberfest

Last weekend I attend Oktoberfest In the Gardens here in Melbourne. Being a big fan of German, and in particular Bavarian culture (because Oktoberfest is specifically Bavarian, not just German), I was pretty excited. For a hefty price of $70 we got entry into the event, one free beer which was one of the grossest […]

Brisbane Bound (literally partying with pirates)

I LOVE impulse decisions. I am the kind of person who over-thinks things far too much, and end up making my best decisions on impulse. And I totally know that. But because I over-think things, impulse decisions are few and far between. This was not exactly an impulse decision, but an invite to a certain […]

Partying With Pirates

If you’re a fan of pirates, metal and drinking (like me), then Aussie pirate rockers Lagerstein are for you! Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Lagerstein dress as pirates, drink like pirates and sing about, yep you guessed it, pirates! And everything involved with being pirate, namely drinking. However my Dad says, “they don’t dress as pirates. They ARE […]