Pin-Up with No Pin-Up Gals

I’ve been into vintage and rockabilly fashion since I discovered it was a thing, at about age 13. My love of history and old things morphed into something that dictates my day to day style. Starting with one vintage style dress at age 14, and now able to do vintage hair styling and makeup. But the one thing that I have not had this whole time is friends who share a similar passion for all things retro.

There is a saying that “rockabilly is where punk goes to retire”, and seriously this could not be more true. The people who where true-vintage styles aside, rockabilly and pin-up is very popular with the above 30s who were some form of alternative in their teens and 20s. Whenever I have gone to rockabilly culture events (classic cars shows, etc.), I am surrounded by people considerably older than me.

However, it is not age that prevents me from making friends within the rockabilly community. Apart from the fact that it is definitely a minority, I have just found I do not feel as at home at rockabilly events, as I have at Goth clubs, metal gigs or Rock n Roll bars. And I cannot figure out why that is.

I will also quite freely admit that I like standing out. While retro-inspired looks are rising in popularity, it is still definitely a minority, and on a day to day basis, I look different. I have had people say things to be like “oh you’re that vintage girl”. I like people remembering me for it. And if I was amongst other pin-up gals, I’d just be one of the crowd.

I have one friend who quite enjoys the rockabilly culture through his love of cars, and we go to car shows together. But I suppose, like me, rockabilly doesn’t occupy his personality and style completely. My go-to look is definitely very 50s, but there’s so much more going on inside me that rockabilly. I am Goth, I am a metalhead, I’m a punk, I love the 60s, I love the 70s, and I love the 80s. I listen to show tunes, I read romance novels, I watch 70s British sit coms. And it is possibly this that differentiates me from the other pin-up gals out there, I’m not sure. What I do know is I am quite happy being a lone pin-up girl amongst my metalheads, my Goths, my punks, and everyone else.

Maddy xxx


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