The Gothic Shoe Company – Winkelpickers Review

I found the London based The Gothic Shoe company through youtube vlogger It’s Black Friday (a favourite of mine, as you know). She highly recommended their boots, so for Christmas I asked my parents to get me a pair.

I really wanted the four strap bat-buckle winklepickers in black patent leather, however that was not a listed option on the site. I emailed the company and they said I could have any boot in the offered materials. So I ordered from the listing that showed the boots I wanted in matte leather, and put a note in the field where you could add instructions saying I wanted them in black patent leather, not matte.

About two weeks before Christmas, the boots arrived. I opened the parcel to make sure everything was okay and guess what? They sent me the wrong boots! I had been a little concerned that my instructions would go unseen, which is why I checked to make sure I was sent the boots in the right material. But not only were they the wrong material, they were the wrong boot entirely! However, they were in my size.

I emailed the company a few times before I got a response (one of which bounced back). However, it was the Christmas period, and they are a small company. About a week or so after Christmas, I got a response apologising for the mistake and was told to keep the incorrect boots, and they would send me the right ones free of charge!

I now own two pairs of winklepickers! I want to try and find some new buckles to put on the incorrect boots, so that they are a bit more different from each other. Spare bat buckles definitely won’t go astray in my house!

The boots are absolutely beautiful. Beautifully made, with the classic thin, flat soles and very pointed toe. They feel hardwearing and they are fairly comfortable so far, but they are new leather so they will take some wearing in. The incorrect boots with the zip are slightly firm around my ankles, so I wear the zip unzipped a few centimetres and the top buckle loose. The size is perfect and while they look narrow, they seem to fit my broad feet perfectly.

The Gothic Shoe company are definitely the place to go for all your pikes and winklepicker needs! Every shoe is hand-made for your order. You can have a variety of colours and materials, as well as the option of seven different buckles from bats, to coffings, skulls, pentagrams as well as a few classic buckles.

I will definitely be purchasing from them again!

Maddy xxx


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