Outfit- Old School Goth for The Damned

The Damned have been a part of my life for my entire life. There is a large framed poster of their album Phantasmagoria on the wall of the study, and I grew up watching The Young Ones so I remember them from the episode “Nasty”. But it wasn’t until about the age of 17 or 18 that I really started listening to their music on my own accord, and not when Dad was playing them. Dad was a bit uncertain when they announced an Australian tour (because he has a thing about seeing bands from back in the day nowadays), but I eventually got him round to the idea!

So here is what I wore!

PVC Skirt – William Wilde UK. Purchased on their eBay 

Fishnet top – eBay

Printed tank top – Hand-me-down from Dad. I used to use this top as a night gown when I was a kid! It used to be his old room mates. They had matching ones. Dad’s one was purple.

Boots – The Gothic Shoe Company

Beads – second hand finds (or “thrifted” if you’re in the US)

Silver cross necklace – a souvenir from Jerusalem

Choker – a shop at Affleck’s Palace in Manchester, UK

Waspie belt –  Christine’s (Aus)/ Vivien of Holloway (UK)

Lace loves – Supré, but a VERY long time ago

Wrist cuffs – one is from eBay, the other is handmade by Breathcatchers, Amsterdam

And of course some funky Siouxsie Sioux inspired makeup, an essential for the trad-Goth look.

Growing up with two Goths from way back, this is the style I go to the most when I’m feeling the Goth vibe.


Let’s get nasty!

Maddy xxx



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