Playful Promises – Review

Obviously in the end of year sales last year I bought quite a bit of lingerie. I was even talking to a friend and said that I’d gone a bit mad in the sales, not even mentioning that I bought lingerie. He straight away said “lingerie is always a good idea.” When I pointed out that I never mentioned that’s what I bought, he said “you didn’t have to”.

I’ve been lusting over Playful Promises for a long time now. But with travelling and unemployment, it wasn’t until the sales that I could actually afford and justify buying anything (not that lingerie needs any justification, in my opinion).

I went with the two bras I had been looking at the most, Portia in red and Cordelia in absinth. I wanted the matching knickers to both, but unfortunately they were out of my size in the Cordelia in absinth knickers, which broke my heart a little. Hopefully they will restock soon, however the sale is now over. Portia also has a matching suspender, however it was not available at all.

Overall both bras are awesome. They are well made, with strong boning on the sides that so far hasn’t buckled or dug in, and a 3-clip wide back strap. The elastic wide shoulder straps are covered in ruched satin, which looks lovely but has been ever so slightly irritating. The cups have no padding whatsoever and don’t really provide much cleavage. And as much as I love baring all, sometimes I just don’t want to show any cleavage, so it’s a nice change for me. And surprisingly, I do have plenty of clothes that don’t show any anyway. However, these bras would be perfect for a sheer button-up blouse. I went for a 34E (12E in Australia, 34DDD in the US), which fits perfectly around the back in both. However, Cordelia gapes a little in the cup, which is disappointing because she is my favourite of the two. I will just have to put some padding in, which I don’t normally like to do but in the effort to solve the gaping issue its the only option I have.

Portia is a vintage style bra, with stitching across the cup that was common on bras back in the day. It’s a bright fire engine red, with black lace across the edge of the cup. This bra fits perfectly. It gives a lovely shape, perfect for when I don’t want my boobs to look too obvious. The matching panty is a slightly too small across the hips, but loose in the back. I do have very soft hips so that’s quite normal, but I don’t often have digging in and baggy-bums. But I don’t care. I love the shell shaped front with the matching vintage stitch. It has a bit of a mermaid vibe, which I love. The back is sheer, which is very cheeky and I love it.

The Cordelia bra is a pale seafoam green with black lace covering the entire cup. It also came in a red and a blue, but I was really taken with this colour which they call “absinth”. As mentioned above, the cup in this bra is slightly larger than that of Portia. That may be caused by the slightly different shape of the cup. I still love it though!

If you are of a larger bust, such as myself, Playful Promises is the place for you. These two bras are two of the most “normal” looking styles they have. They have so many fabulous designs from A-G cups, and plus sizes in underwear and nightwear. And not too expensive either (outside of the sales, that is). I recommend them highly if you are struggling to find yourself some decent lingerie in larger sizes.

Maddy xxx


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