A Bandit from El Rodeo

El Rodeo is a one woman Sydney-based online store selling clothing and accessories inspired by rock n roll, old school biker culture and the wild west from independent labels. Amongst the items in store are vintage cowboy boots, concho belts, patches, velvet shorts and, the main attraction, a wide variety of awesome t-shirts.

I got myself three t-shirts from American brand Bandit. I have been eyeing up these t-shirts for a few months now, and finally when I had the money I nabbed them! “Keep your hands off my cans”, “Pistol Packing Mama” and, the pièce de résistance, “Eat Shit and Die”.

I am a pretty fowl-mouthed, dirty minded kind of gal most of the time, so I found these crude t-shirts absolutely hilarious and so fitting for me. I am also one for wearing clothes that make people stare, and I think these t-shirts might do just that.

They are a lovely, soft 100% cotton made to look old and worn around the edges. Normally, I am apposed to this stylistically worn look, however that is more in the case of band t-shirts being sold through fashion outlets. In this case, I love it. They suit the look and theme of the brand.

I can’t wait to get out in these t-shirts with my western belt and my old cowboy boots.

Thank you to Elisia of El Rodeo for having such a cool store, I will definitely be purchasing from you again! Check the store out here: www.elrodeostore.com

Maddy xxx




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