Fuck Me Gently with a Chainsaw


So for a very long time, I’ve had my sights focused on being a costume designer. Those sights have kind of blurred in the past year, however I still love costume work. My work has never gone any further than high school musicals and plays. Even after I graduated, I was brought back to do the costumes for my school’s annual musical. So I was completely amazed when I was handed the honour of creating the costumes for a local amateur theatre company.

Originally, I’d auditioned to be apart of the show, but when I was informed I had not gotten a part, I offered my services in the costume department. I’d worked with this company before as a makeup artist, and had even done the makeup for one of the directors when he performed in a previous show. But without any proof that I could even successfully costume a production, I was put in charge of costumes.

Heathers: the Musical is based on the 1989 film of the same name, that stared Winona Ryder and Christian Slayter. It told the story of a girl called Veronica, who is stuck in the school’s resident popular group, the Heathers, called so because each girls name is actually Heather. Heather McNamara, Heather Duke, and Heather Chandler. When her and her new boyfriend, the mysterious and sexy JD, confront accidentally poison her, they use Veronica’s expert forgery skills to fake a suicide note. And so it goes on.

The musical was written by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy. Laurence O’Keefe is the man responsible for the seriously catchy soundtrack of Legally Blonde: the Musical, so you can image what Heathers is like. I discovered this musical while it was still doing it’s off-Broadway stint in New York (it never made it to Broadway officially), right before the soundtrack was released. Many months later, it was a sensation. Everyone in the musical theatre circuit adores this show. It is catchy, emotional, and so cleverly adapted from the film. Every famous line is there (fuck me gently with a chainsaw), and many of the songs are taken from actual lines in the show.

It has been an honour to work with this production, which is in actual fact the first amateur production of Heathers Australia has seen. I hope to continue work with this company in the future, and maybe one day actually get to perform again.

Maddy xxx


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