Haul – Boohoo.com

Anyone in the Goth community, especially those of the trad-Goth persuasion, MUST check out boohoo.com. Anyone who thinks that someone of a certain sub-culture must only shop at places that proclaim themselves to be a part of that sub-culture, like the many Goth brands out there, are kidding themselves. Boohoo is what you might call a “normal” or “mainstream” online store, but honestly I can scroll through their products for hours, saving multiple things into my favourites (though unfortunately they seem to have gotten rid of that function).

My approach to boohoo.com is searching things like “velvet” or “lace” or “ruffles”. And the variety is amazing! You are bound to find something you like. As I did.

The Ona Ruffle blouse was the first thing on boohoo that I saw and was like OH MY GOD I NEED THAT. I have wanted my own ruffle blouse for ages, as I’ve always had to borrow my Dad’s which is far too big. This is a woman’s shirt, with nice curved side-seems and bust darts so it’s loose and flowy but not shapeless. It’s 100% polyester, but it’s lovely and slinky and softy and just drapes off the body. Unlike a majority of Goth-branded ruffle shirts, that are usually a cotton blend and can be quite stiff. It has cuffs and loose, large sleeves that hang nicely with the soft material. It’s a loose fit, so I got a 10. Normally I’d size up in a button up blouse to reach across my bust, but this fits perfectly.

The Megan Ruffle blouse was giving me major Adam Ant vibes. Again, 100% polyester but a nice soft feel, not as slinky and slightly heavier than the Ona blouse, which helps keep it sort of puffy. The ruffle reaches all the way around the shoulders, with a small yoke and necktie detail. It has elasticated wrists and wide sleeves, which give it that pirate (or highwayman) feel. I have teamed it with my faux-leather pants with lace-up detail down the legs that I got from Missguided and some hand-me-down belts from Mum, with what is the beginning of my New Romantic section of my wardrobe.

This last item didn’t come to mind as a Gothic piece, it looked a lot like a dress Brigitte Bardot wore. However I can see now that with the right accessories I could totally turn this into a bit of a Goth pinup or Morticia sort of look. Anyway, I have had my eye on the the Jen square neck dress for a long time. It’s 100% cotton jersey, so it’s lovely and stretchy and hugs your curves nicely. Though of course, an issue I constantly encounter, it’s very tight across the bust and back, but just a tad too big in the waist! I barely fit into the bust anyway so sizing down for my waist would not be any better. It’s not so bad, I just wish I could have it that tiny bit more fitted. I may look into taking it in myself. It is below the knee in length, and perfect as a “little black dress” sort of number.

All three of these items are currently on sale, so get in quick if you want them! They are unlikely to come back in to stock.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever haul on this blog. I hope to make many more!

Maddy xxx


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