I’m Miss V

This is by far one of my favourite sets from the gorgeous Honey Birdette. I’m loving the edgy, fetishistic way they’ve been going with some of their styles lately. As much as I will always love lace, I do love a bit of leather. Well, a lot of leather.

A bondage inspired piece, with buckles and straps galore! It also features a subtle and gorgeous rose pattern on the bra cup, suspender front and pants, giving it a bit of a feminine touch. As I love my girly lingerie, I adore mixing girly and dominatrix. The juxtaposition pleases me greatly.

The best thing about Miss V is the versatility. Everything detaches. The cups detach from the harness, meaning you can wear it cupless (naughty!). Or take off the straps and wear it strapless!

The thigh garters detach, so you can wear the piece with or without them. Or even just with them, as the garter clips also come off! Chuck on a short skirt and give people a little flash of something naughty when you walk! You can also wear the suspender as belt by removing everything.

It’s definitely not a practical set. The cups gape ever so slightly. I had to size down to a 12DD because the E was gaping even worse! The thigh garters a tad too tight on my lovely large thighs, which can create a bit of a lumpy look if the band on my stockings is a tad too tight also (which it often is, if they’re Honey Birdette stockings). Hopefully they’ll stretch a little with wear. And as I’m a little soft and squishy, some careful placing and adjusting is sometime’s needed to avoid pinches skin. However, as the elastic band at the bottom of the bra is quite firm, by removing the harness is becomes a reasonable strapless bra with a slightly long-line shape. This band also provides most of the support. Not the best support in the world, but for occasional wear it’s totally fine.

But despite all that, I love it. I don’t wear clothes for practicality. I’m one of those people who relish restricted movement from clothing (e.g tight skirts or jeans, corsets etc). So the impractically of this set does not bother me in the slightest.

Maddy xxx


6 thoughts on “I’m Miss V

  1. Hi! I’m from the US and looking to purchase this set in white. Not to sound weird but is it possible for me to ask you a few questions about the fit via email? I’ve never ordered from Honey Birdette before but based on your photo you have a very similar lower body build as I do, and I’m trying to be cautious about spending the money. Thanks and I hope I hear from you.


    • Hi Amanda! So sorry I didn’t see your message! In Honey Birdette I wear a 12E bra, small or extra small suspender (they’re often quite stretchy), and large briefs. However Miss V is roomy in the cup so I have a 12DD and there’s still a teeny bit of room. They’re usually true to size, this cup is just not very structured. I would give you my email but I don’t want to make in public. Feel free to ask me anything you want on this post though!


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