Nevermind the Ballistics – Review


I would never have thought to mix the Sex Pistols with expensive bath products, but here you have it. The “Nevermind the Ballistics” bath bomb from our friends at Lush, inspired by the infamous Sex Pistols album “Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”. I was drawn in to the store by the brightly coloured bath bomb, and upon closer inspection was delighted to see it’s inspiration. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious the yellow and pink made the connection, and that’s why I was drawn to it.

The best part was the sticker on the little brown paper bag they package the bath bombs in. It read:

“God save the clean. There’s no time for apathy in the bath. This anarchic bath bomb fizzles and rolls and spurts colour with no holds barred energy”

The bath bomb had a very strong, sweet fruity smell. I thought it was sort of citrusy at first, but when it dissolved in the water it was more a peachy smell. But it was VERY strong. When I opened the paper bag I could practically taste it. I like the strong scented ones. Because after the fun of the bomb fizzing, you’re often just left with coloured bath water. But when it has a strong scent it brings an element of aroma therapy to it, and you can just bask in the warm comfort of the water and lovely smells around you.

The pink is a layer of body butter that, according to the sales lady, made it “super, super, super, super, super” moisturising. Then as the bomb fizzled in the water, there was another layer of pink (this time just bath bomb, not body butter), which made the water all swirly yellow and pink. After it all settled it had a dark yellow colour. I felt a bit like I was bathing in ale or beer, but it smelt so good I didn’t really care.

Overall a very enjoyable bath bomb, like all of Lush’s bath bombs. I’d like to see them make more pop culture inspired bath bombs because this was really fun and novel for a punk fan like me. I wonder if John Lydon knows about this? He’d probably love it.

Maddy xxx


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