Sweet Little Stevie


I bought this little baby a while back, but held off blogging about it as I felt like the only thing I’ve been blogging about is lingerie. Not that that is particularly a bad thing, I just want to make my blog a little more diverse in it’s content. Besides, I don’t have the money to buy enough lingerie to blog about regularly (though I wish I did).

Again, another Honey Birdette masterpiece, Stevie in red. Featuring a long line bra, which I’ve paired with the suspender and briefs. All together creating an almost bodysuit look, which I love. I feel fierce in this set.

As you can see, down either side of each piece we have silver rings with a corseting effect. The hoops on the bra give the long-line design a bit more structure, which I love. I had a problem with longline bras bucking and tucking. All three pieces are also lightly boned, which makes the whole ensemble very sturdy.

The back features strappy elastic, paying homage the classic bondage-inspired designs of (the very expensive) lingerie brand Bordelle. Instead of hook-and-eye clasps like you would normally get on a bra, or any kind of lingerie for that matter, Stevie has slide buckles! It’s a bit of an event to get this whole set on, but once it’s on it looks absolutely amazing (as you can see).

Maddy xx



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