No Prost to Oktoberfest


Last weekend I attend Oktoberfest In the Gardens here in Melbourne. Being a big fan of German, and in particular Bavarian culture (because Oktoberfest is specifically Bavarian, not just German), I was pretty excited.

For a hefty price of $70 we got entry into the event, one free beer which was one of the grossest beers I’ve ever tasted, and a plastic beer stein. There were two stages, two lots of bars and a few food trucks, plus a ferris wheel, two games and a silent disco. I’m going to go right out and say it was not worth the price I paid. With more people (there was only two of us), maybe it would have been more worth it and a lot more fun.

When you’ve spent a lot of time in Bavaria itself, it’s hard to enjoy an attempt at recreating it. I’ve not personally attended the real Oktoberfest, but I know the world of drinking and partying in Germany just has a different vibe to that of Australia. As well as the fact that this event took place on the complete wrong date. Despite the name Oktoberfest, the festival actually takes place the last few weeks of September and ends the first weekend of October.

I was mostly excited about the food, but I was disappointed. All this festival had to offer by way of German food was sausages, and not even that many varieties of that, and schnitzel. I was looking forward to all sorts of German food, which is probably one of my favourite types of food. But I can just go to the market and get a bratwurst or cheese kransky (actually called käser kraner in Germany) any day. I was surprised that currywurst was being served, as it is the local wurst of Berlin, which is not even in Bavaria.

I hope to next year take a few more people along and enjoy the festive vibes a little more and get a lot more drunk. But on this occasion it was a bit of  a waste. Having said that, I was with my very good friend Mia, the food I ate was pretty decent (though not overly German) and I had a nice time.

One day I hope I can attend the real Oktoberfest.

Maddy xxx


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