Levelling Australian Land

Towards the end of May this year I arrived in Bristol, to stay with my second cousin Kathryn, whom I’d met once when I was about 8 years old. Despite only having met that one time many years ago, we got on like a house on fire.

Kathryn introduced me to English band The Levellers, hailing from Brighton. I love folk rock, so naturally my ears pricked up while we were in the car and she was playing some folky sound rock band on her car stereo.

About a month after returning home, Kathryn sends me a link to a Facebook event. The Levellers were touring Australia. Naturally, I got myself some tickets, and on a quiet Sunday evening, dragged my Dad to the Hifi Bar (now known as Max Watt’s, but it will always be the Hifi Bar to me) to see The Levellers play their 1991 hit album Levelling the Land in full, plus other hits.


Dad and I at the gig. You can KIND OF see us. You can see my hair on the right and Dad’s hand on the left.

Unsurprisingly, about 80-90% of the crowd were English. Not only that, I probably lowered the average age quite a lot. On the other hand, my Dad fit right in.

The Levellers were killer live. I’ve seen a lot of live bands in my measly 20 years, so I feel like, for my age, I’m a pretty good judge of a live band. And they’re were amazing. Folk rock just has so much energy you can’t really fuck it up.

Maddy xxx


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