Outfit – Coffee Date feat. Adam Ant

I thought I might start doing little outfit posts. Because honestly, I put together some great outfits. Now that I’m back at work and earning again, I shall be buying much more clothes. So I’ll have a lot of fabulous outfits coming up.

Today I start with something simple. Had a coffee date with a good friend, but of course any excuse to dress up a little, I’ll take it. So here’s what we got.

Jacket – Sportsgirl (no longer available)

T-shirt – Adam Ant concert, also available on his online store

Belt – Christine’s (Aus)/Vivien of Holloway (UK)

Skirt and sunglasses – Dangerfield (no longer available)

Beads – thrifted

Spiked collar – Extreme Largnes at Affleck’s Palace, Manchester UK

Hat- H&M (no longer available)

Boots – hand-me-downs from my dear Mum

Lippy – Nars Audacious lipstick in Rita, purchased at Mecca Cosmetica 

Maddy xxx



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