X Marks the Spot

I purchased the knickers and bra from this set some time back, and at first never really planned to buy the suspenders. But I do love suspenders. I have been known to just buy the bra and suspenders from a set, not even the knickers! So eventually, months later, I bought the suspenders.

Meet Madame X by Dita Von Teese. Unfortunately, the only Dita set I own. I’m not usually one for white/cream lingerie, I’m a black and red girl all the way. But for some reason this set stuck out at me. At the time, it also came in black and fleuro pink, but I went with cream. I still don’t know why, you’d think I would reach straight for the black. But no. Maybe I was feeling a little rebellious that day.

It’s a slightly bondage-inspired set, with lots of elastic straps here and there, in particular the ones that come across the top of the breast, my favourite element of the entire set. The cup is a demi-cup with spray-on lace finishing the rest. The cup and the front panel of the knickers also feature vintage stitching. It’s like bondage, lace and vintage all in one! The knickers are high waisted, described as “control pant” but they don’t really do much controlling. They’re also slightly sheer in the rear which is really cute.

Dita Von Teese’s lingerie is amazing. It’s great quality, quirky and affordable. A whole set will cost you roughly just over $150, which is considerably more affordable than my love Honey Birdette. However, now that Myer no longer stocks her lingerie (I got the suspender in the clearance sale), I don’t know how long it will be until I get another set! I’m hoping somewhere stocks it soon because this set is coming out in emerald green and I’ve been desperate for emerald green lingerie for a very long time.

Maddy x


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