Oh My Katie!

I remember thinking, maybe a week before I made this purchase, “one day…one day, I will have a What Katie Did corset. One day.”

Next thing I knew, I did!

I’d been on the hunt for corsets since I set foot on English soil. My second cousin was getting married, and her wedding theme was pirates. What a perfect excuse to buy a corset! Corset shopping in Australia is not the best. We have such a huge and varied subculture, but we’re best catered to online. And corsets are just one of those things you really should try on first, especially when you have a curvy figure.

Oh course, every one I tried on around the country I would think “I still have a few more stops, I might find something better”.

I never did. That is, until I reached Bristol, where my cousin lived. Desperate for that all important corset, I managed to find the only Goth shop in Bristol. Tucked away in the St Nicolas Markets was Twilight Fashions. Basically, a corset and Goth accessory shop. And on their sale rack was a crimson red, underbust, steel boned corset, in my size. Reduced from over 100 pounds down to just 45!

While the sales lady was lacing me in, she said to me “it’s a What Katie Did corset” and I said “SOLD!”.

I still have not received any picture’s from my cousin’s wedding, but here’s me wearing the great corset out to a pirate metal gig on Saturday. I had it on a little looser than normal, just to allow for the copious amount of alcohol that I intended to consume. When tied up properly (and by someone who knows what they’re doing, i.e NOT my mum), my waist just disappears! It’s awesome!

I can’t wait to own more What Katie Did corsets, though I doubt I’m ever going to find as good a deal as I did that day in Brisol

Maddy xxx


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