Of Course I Bought Lingerie

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One of the many things I researched before heading overseas was lingerie shops. Here in Australia, there is basically three lingerie shops, only one of which provides anything that could be considered luxury. I found a L’Agent by Agent Provocateur in Berlin. And just to my luck, when I arrived, they had 75% off! I bought this entire set for an amazing 48 euros. That’s just about $70 Australian dollars. The bra alone had once been over 50 euros alone! Needless to say, I was pretty stoked!

It came with the option of the brief, which I bought, a thong or open bottom/crotchless panty. At only 11 euros for the bottoms I regret not getting both the brief and the bottomless panty, because it was adorable! It was also available in a basque, but I figured the set was a bit more wearable and versatile.

The bra is a soft cup, and the whole set is made out of a fine mesh dotted with velvet polka dots, with a small red rose detailing in the centre of each piece and a thin lace trim. I’ve worn the bra a number of times since I got home and I love it. I find sometimes soft cup bras give me an odd shape and make me look flatter than I am. But this bra does not do that at all! It perfect shapes my girls as if it were a contour cup, and doesn’t give me awkward, squashed boobs. The briefs also fit nicely, oddly enough. I have a lot of trouble with luxury lingerie pants. I find the crotches always to be a bit too small and the bums never quite covering enough, and not in a cheeky way. But these briefs fit perfectly, and cover everything they’re supposed to!

The only downside is the suspender. It’s just a bit too…spindly. On a thinner figured girl I’m sure it would be fine, but it sort of slips awkwardly and bunches up around my wide hips. Also, I feel like it doesn’t quite match the sort of vintage look of the set. A wider, more structured suspender would look much better! Oh well.

All in all, I love this set. I’d had a rough few days in Berlin, and I felt like I was walking on clouds as I left the L’Agent store. I should have bought it in red too!

More to come on my European lingerie purchases!

Maddy xxx


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