Home Away From Home

On my second overseas trip, my parents and I spent three and a half weeks travelling Europe. Our third stop was the city of Nürnberg (Nuremberg in English). A city in Bavaria in Southern Germany. 

Back in the 80s my mother travelled Europe just like I’m doing now. One night in Greece, she struggled to find accomodation. Then three German boys offered her the spare bed in their room for the night, as they had a friend still yet to arrive. When the friend then did arrive, he let her keep the bed and he slept on the floor. 

This boy was Bernhard. They had a little romance that did not last, but they did keep in contact. And four years ago, we stayed with Bernhard, his wife Beate and their three children Franzi, Ala and Paul. 

This year is my third time back in Nürnberg with Bernhard and His family. Two years ago we speant Christmas here. And now two years later I am back again. 

It’s strange being in a familiar house, in a familiar city, on the other side of the world. It’s like coming home, but it’s not really home. It’s weird. 

some typical Bavarian food

But I love it here. One day I’d like to come and work here for a few months. Have another German Christmas (because German Christmas is awesome), learn German, just live like a German. 

But for the time being it’s my last stop before I head home. A place I can relax . Live with locals. Unwind after non-stop travelling. It really is a home away from home. 

Oh yeah, and I bought a dirndl! 

Maddy xxx


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