Just You’re Average Friday

I cannot believe I didn’t think to blog about this. It was so exciting and so relatable to the themes of this blog! 

I arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon and decided to suck it up and walk the 30 minute walk to my hostel, despite my suitcase. 

As I was nearing somewhere near where I was supposed to be a black-clad figure with wild hair emerged from the street I was crossing. 

I discovered Kiwi Youtube personality Its Black Friday earlier this year, and she quickly become one of my favourite people to watch on Youtube. 

I ran up to her (as best I could carrying a suitcase) and was like “OH MY GOD I watch you on Youtube!”. A bit startled at first by my outburst, Black Friday was very lovely and we had a little chat, and she got out her vlog camera to film me. Check it out below. Skip till about 9:30 you’ll see me in all my makeupless, just-travelled-eight-hours glory! 


The next night, while out wondering just for something to do, I spotted her again. I went over to say hi and we got chatting. She was with an American guy from her hostel, who invited me with them to get drinks. So we found a pub, got some drinks. Then wondered around aimlessly to find a bar for more drinks. Again, being a vlogger a lot of this was filmed. Check it out below and skip till about 4:44 onwards you’ll find me in a more presentable getup. 


It was lovely getting to hang out with Black Friday. Trying not to be too much of a fangirl here, but it is definitely a highlight of my trip! 

Maddy xxx


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