Lone Ranger

I have now been solo travelling for two months and 6 days. Everytime I mentioned I was going alone, people would say “you’re so brave!” 

But they would also say, “oh, you’ll meet people!” I had dreams of making friends, going out sightseeing together then passing back through a supermarket and cooking up a storm together. 

In two months and six days I have made precisely five friends, majority on seperate occasions, and spent one day with two others.  Not exactly what I had in mind. 

I don’t know if it’s me, or if I’ve just been unlucky. I’ve never been the sort to attract a lot of people. I’m more attract one person at a time who really likes me. I guess that’s just what happened. 

And as much as I’ve enjoyed the company of those few friends I’ve made, and the family I’ve stayed with, I have done a majority of everything on my own. And it can be great. I can do what I like, I can see the weird and nerdy stuff others may not be interested in.

But sometimes when you’re doing awesome stuff, it’s difficult to enjoy it without someone to share it with. And eventually loneliness sets in. Which may be why I’ve decided to end my trip at three months. I had left it open ended. I had wanted to maybe stay and work. But I’m lonely, exhausted and homesick. 

Overall I have had an amazing trip. I’ve acheived so much and basically fullfilled my childhood dream. But I’m ready to call it a day. 

Here’s a nice flick of my current location, Vienna! 

Maddy xxx


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