Café Prúckel, Vienna

As I write this I am sitting in the gorgeous retro Café Prúckel on Stubenring, Vienna. It’s 30 something degrees celcius outside and I’ve escaped the heat for an espresso and some ice-cream. 

Vienna has a strong coffee culture, much like my hometown of Melbourne. And while I am not a frequent coffee drinker I am a picky coffee drinker. Starbucks? Absolutely not! 

Even though Café Prúckel claims to have been established in 1904, they clearly have not updated their decor since the 1950s. And not in a rundown, no monet sort of way. More like a preservation of an era gone sort of way. I love it. 

I ordered a small espresso with cream, or a “Original Prúckel Creme”, and a selection of three ice-creams, and it was just the treat I needed. 

If I get a chance I reckon I’ll return before I leave in a few days! 

Maddy xxx


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