Sexy Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam I attended one of the Red Light District’s iconic live sex shows. At first, the thought of this kind of show may seem degrading and sleazy. But that’s far from reality. 

Amsterdam is known for two things; pot and sex. And the places that provide these passtimes are much visited by tourists. Going into a sex shop here isn’t like going in to sexy land in your home town, where you’ll always see middle aged men browsing the porn section. Here it’s just like any other shop. People of all ages and background perusing the vibrators and whips and chains.

And the same goes for sex shows. Its not full of randy old men with their hands buried deep in their pockets. Its full of tourists. Men and women of all ages. It’s theatre, it’s cabaret. It’s not smut.

I attended Moulin Rouge, one of the big three when it comes to sex shows. The show consisted of strip teases, incredible pole dancing, crazy tricks with audience members, and of course, a live sex show. 

Out of all the acts, the live sex was the most dull. It wasn’t particularly innovative, the two people involved were not as good performers as those who’d been on before them, and I am 90% sure the dude was gay. It wasn’t like watching passionate sex. It was just the motions. Plus, a majority of us have seen sex. Most of us would not have seen a man eat a banana out of a woman’s vagina. 

At €40 for about 50 minutes and a free drink, it’s a tad pricey. But well worth it. 

Maddy xxx


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