Kings of the Wild Frontier

On Wednesday the 8th of June I saw Adam Ant play his iconic album Kings of the Wild Frontier in it’s entirety, at New Theatre Oxford. 

I’ve adored Adam Ant for a long, long time and it was so exciting to see him live. Much to my surprise, he seemed to still possess the same energy he had in the 80s. He twisted and girated around the stage like a hyper Captain Jack Sparrow. Much more impressive when you think that it was the second last show of the tour, plus he is now into his 60s! 

On top of Kings of the Wild Frontier (featuring the hit Ant Music), he also played a number of other tracks. Including my favourite Stand and Delicer, plus it’s b-side track (also a favourite of mine), Beat My Guest. 

Everytime I told someone I was seeing Adam Ant they always made a face and made some comment about him either being still alive, not like what he used to be, or probably going to be a disapointment. But he was the opposite of all those things! 

Plus, the sound was great. The iconic two drummers were perfect. Adam could still hit a majority of the notes he used to, and the crowd weren’t half bad despite most of them being pensioners. 

Maddy xxx


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