Beau Bonnie

Ahh another Honey Birdette piece! As much as I love this store, I reckon it’s time a branch out. But in the meantime, let me bestow upon you the beautiful Bonnie!

photo copy 25

A Christmas gift to myself, Bonnie is a leopard print beauty, with red velvet bow details and a demi-cup with spray-on lace. My rockabilly heart adores leopard. It’s definitely a stand-out print, and sort of tacky, but I like tacky.

I went for the thong this time. I only have two full Honey Birdette sets, one being Bonnie. The brief in my other set just sat funny, so I thought I’d give the thong a go. I wouldn’t wear it on a day-to-day basis, but if ever wearing the full set became an necessity, it’s considerably better than my briefs. However, I do find that the Honey Birdette briefs and thongs a-like are quite small in the crotch, which means that – bits – can slip out. And they don’t come up very high. Their briefs especially are closer to a thong than a brief. I think the designers need to realise that not everyone is tiny in the downstairs-department.

Sadly, while I did go for the Small in the suspender, it still slips a little. What’s weirder is that the actual garter straps slipped. I had them tightened all the way and they slowly loosened, while my stockings slipped further down. I’ve never had that with a suspender before. It may be due to the soft satin the garter straps are made out of, I’m not sure.

Needless to say, I think this set is a “special occasion” kind of set.

Maddy xxx


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