Ich Liebe Berlin

For my birthday I received two gift cards to my favourite place, Honey Birdette. TWO! I had a $150 to spend. Needless to say, I was pretty ecstatic. The girls at work know me so well.

I invested in a piece I’ve been lusting over for months, Berlin. Previously I had tried the bra and garter set, but in the end I went for the corselette. Honey Birdette corsets and corselettes are not the heavy, steel boned kind that I normally prefer. But they’re still a hell of a lot of fun.

This particular piece features a faux-leather front and demi-cups, with netting panels, and little gold buckle details. I have a 10DD, which actually is a little roomy for my liking, but it was all they had left and clearly, I needed to own this. I normally wear a 12E in bras, so the cup is a tad on the small side, but that’s okay because it pushes them up beautifully (there is no other padding or push up otherwise). Amazingly, they seem pretty secure, though wild dancing or jumping around may say otherwise, I am yet to find out. The suspender hooks are removable, which means you can easily wear it as a top!

It is said to be inspired by the “capitol of kink”, Berlin, which I can quite clearly see. I have visited Berlin, and am a big fan of it’s history. The city is known for it’s wacky past, having been the gay capitol in the 20s and 30s, the centre of cabaret clubs (like in the film Cabaret) and owning a long kinky history dating as far back as pre-WWII. It is also a great city for anything punk, Goth and alternative. It’s my kind of city.

This corselette is my new favourite play-thing. All my other lingerie is lacy and pin-up, but I’m really getting into this dominatrix, leathery thing. I definitely need more. I think it ties in nicely with my love of punk and rock, and it’s not a far cry from my beloved Goth. Maybe Berlin the city itself will offer up an array of leather lingerie for me when I visit in a few month’s time. Wouldn’t that be the stuff (kinky) dreams are made of.

Maddy xxx


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