Brisbane Bound (literally partying with pirates)

I LOVE impulse decisions. I am the kind of person who over-thinks things far too much, and end up making my best decisions on impulse. And I totally know that. But because I over-think things, impulse decisions are few and far between.

This was not exactly an impulse decision, but an invite to a certain band’s gig in Brisbane, and a friends desire to see Brisbane, lead to the two of us jetting off for three days to sunny Queensland. Three weeks before I was to leave for London. For the month leading up to us leaving, we had to keep reminding each other we were going. Then, on the plane, and for most of the first day we were there we kept saying to each other “oh dear God, what are we doing? We’re in Brisbane! This is madness”. Considering the decision was made within the week of the trip being suggested, it definitely felt like an impulse decision that we didn’t really think about.

But we ended up having quite a good time! We took segways along the Southbank (that was not my decision and I still sort of wish we hadn’t), we swam in the man-made Streets Beach, we wondered Queens Street Mall, we visited the heart of cities club life Fortitude Valley, also known as just “The Valley”, and we partied with pirates!

You may remember my post “Partying with Pirates” in which I talk about Brisbane pirate rockers Lagerstein? Well, our weekend ended with a bang when we attended their gig at a venue called The Brightside, after which we were invited back to house of Lagerstein to party. We actually just ended up sitting around drinking beer till 7am in the morning, but even that was still fun. Then home on a 10am flight. I arrived home in Melbourne in the same clothes and makeup I had left the house in to go to the gig.(You can see my pirate outfit and makeup in the second picture).

If you have the means and the desires, I recommend a impromptu holiday! It’s a risk, things can go bad, but at the same time things could go so right. That’s the thing with impulse decisions, you haven’t thought about it enough to consider what could go wrong. But so often what leads you to such decisions is some unexplainable desire, and I always think people make the best decisions when they listen to their instincts. And for someone like me who over-thinks things, sometimes to the point of ruining them, I plan to make many more impulse decisions in the future, because like I said; more often than not, they are my best decisions.

Also, Brisbane is really great I recommend it highly.

Maddy xxx


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