Sometimes I wonder why I even started this blog because honestly my up-keep is shocking. I have very little to write about. I don’t do a great deal with my life, or buy a great deal of things to show you. Which is sort of the point of blogging, isn’t it? Sharing life experiences and things you buy and reviewing shit and stuff like that.

However, in my defence, I am working towards going overseas. I leave in three weeks, and the past year has been saving and preparing. I haven’t had the money to buy many exciting things, or spend on exciting experiences. And so I spend most of my free time running errands and completing certain tasks before I leave (booking things, buying necessary items etc.)

Hopefully, when I head overseas, I will have plenty to say! I already have a few ideas of what to blog about based on where I’m headed and what I plan to do, and a few things I even plan to buy.

Of course, a lot of my plans centre around Goth, Punk, pin-up or history, or some combination of those, so I should have plenty to blog about. I even have two awesome gigs lined up and a musical featuring an actress I adore, and will no doubt happen across more of such events while I’m there!

For those of you interested (i.e. probably no one), I will be travelling around England, then Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Salzberg and Nürnberg via Munich. And that’s just what I have so far! Hopefully more will add to this list as I’m thinking of staying on longer than the three months I have planned. Maybe I’ll work in Germany, or England. I am a citizen of the UK under the European union so visas and such are not an issue, and I may as well take advantage of that! I mean, I don’t really know what I want to do with my life at the moment, so I figure travelling and gaining life experiences is the best option instead of just hanging out in my little part of Melbourne, working away and doing very little with my life like I have for the past 20 years.

And hopefully, the blog posts will be never ending!

Maddy xxx


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