It’s Just Music

50’s rock ‘n’ roll. 70s punk. 60s beat pop. 80s goth. 80s pop. Show tunes. Jazz. Swing. 90s punk rock. Folk metal. Pirate metal. Intergalactic space metal. Just to name a few of the sorts of music I listen to. Not to be all “hey look at my wide taste in music” or anything. I know that probably seems limited compared to some people.

Many people have a wide taste in music, which is awesome because there is so much out there. But what I don’t understand is when people are ashamed of some of the music they listen to. Like, if someone was of the Gothic persuasion, but they really enjoyed One Direction (like me), it becomes this huge blanket of shame because a Goth can’t like One Direction, heaven forbid!

Heaven forbid anyone but children and teeny boppers enjoy One Direction.

And you know why? Because you get shit for it. I’ve got shit for the music I listen to. My friends used to make fun of me all through primary school for listening to the likes of Hannah Montana and High School Musical. I’ve had the “I’m sorry, but they’re shit” line said to me on a number of occasions, about whatever it was I was enjoying at the time.

But you know what? I don’t give a fuck. I love One Direction. I love The Ramones. I love ABBA. I love the Sisters of Mercy, the Beatles, the soundtrack to The Sound of Music. And I don’t care what you think, or if you think I have bad taste, or what your opinions on these artists are. It doesn’t affect me, and you voicing your opinion, or saying things like “I’m sorry, but they’re shit”, is kind of pointless.

But some people feel differently. They either feel they have to be ashamed for liking it, for whatever reason, if they have actually been shamed for liking it by someone else. Then you get the whole “guilty pleasures” thing. Like you should feel guilty for liking something? I mean if you liked murdering people, by all means feel guilty. But if you enjoy a bit of pop music, or maybe romantic comedy movies, or whatever, you don’t have to feel guilty.

Music doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Music is music no matter who made it or what it’s like. The quality is relative. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed because some band you like doesn’t fit in with your other interests, or you the particular sub-culture you identify with. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter. You have no reason to feel ashamed. If someone if giving you shit for the music you like, they’re the one’s in the wrong, not you. They should be minding their own business and not criticising you or your taste, because it honestly achieves nothing.

If you like it, that’s great! There’s nothing wrong with listening to music. Or enjoying anything outside of what is assumed that you like. Be proud of your interests!

Unless of course it’s murder, then maybe you should re-evaluate your life choices.

Maddy x


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