Lovely Jubley

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I have recently discovered the wonders of accessory brand Jubley-Umph. She is a Melbourne based artist who creates sailor tattoo-like images using water colours and indian ink. Being a lover of the classic sailor tattoo, and an even bigger lover of interpretations of it, I adore this brand.

I purchased one of the brooches, “Sew Lovely”, which features an old Singer sewing machine image, (which sadly I did not photograph), for a work colleague’s birthday present. When I headed to the check-out on the site, it asked if I’d like to add a lucky dip for an extra $10. With most brooches already being $19.95, I jumped at that opportunity, seeing no harm in getting a little something for myself along the way. I ended up with “Lost At See” as pictured below, and I absolutely adore it. So happy I went for the lucky dip! My colleague also adored her brooch, and was really pleased that I bought something I knew she’d love when all her family complained that she was hard to buy for.

I’ve hardly ever worn jewellery, apart from the occasional Gothic cross necklace. I find that when I wear jewellery, especially necklaces, they either get in the way or I spend half the day fiddling with it. I don’t even have my ears pierced. So I’m really getting into the idea of brooches. They’re simple, I don’t find myself fiddling with it, they don’t get in the way, they add a spot of interest to your outfit, and they’re one of the few jewellery items that aren’t that common, so you kind of stick out. I like that.

Jubley-Umph however doesn’t just sell brooches, she sells other forms of jewellery, as well as really awesome handbags and wallets and a few homewares. You can purchase directly from the online store, but she also stocks in stores. You can find a list of stockists on the site.

Today I happened upon her products at Dangerfield, and quickly purchased this awesome pirate ship brooch! Well, it’s a ship, but I call any ship a pirate ship. It does have a skull on it, however he is wearing a sailor hat.

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There is SO MUCh I want to buy from this lovely girl (including that Lydia Deetz featured on the card at the top of the post). It’s always good to support local artists and locally made products. Please check out her stuff! She has just released a new set of designs and I think I want them all.

Maddy xxx


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