Compliments from Strangers

I’ve had my fair share of compliments from complete strangers. And I don’t mean wolf whistles or people on the street making obscene comments about my appearance, I mean people who have come up to me and earnestly told me how great I look, or how cool my outfit is.

Once on a crowded train, a man sitting across from me leaned forward and told me how beautiful I was. He then proceeded to introduce himself and his wife, who was sitting next to him and looking un-perturbed by the fact that her husband was complimenting other women. And why should she? A compliment doesn’t have to be a come-on, or threatening or considered obscene.

Compliments from your friends and loved ones are great, and it’s obviously lovely to feel appreciated. But a compliment from a stranger is different. They had the courage to come up to a complete stranger and tell them how great they look. That sometime’s can be hard to do to a friend. Talking to a stranger alone can be intimidating, let alone when you compliment them. There have been so many time’s I’ve wanted to tell someone how cool they look, and I just don’t have the courage. So when someone does it to me, I appreciate it so much. I’m the sort of person who loves to give presence as much as give them, so I want to try my best to make those compliments when I see them, because it does in term make me happy as well to think someone’s day has been made, or that their confidence is just that little bit higher.

You never know, if you compliment a stranger, you could boost their confidence, or make their day, or even their week. I know I’ve felt considerably better and confident when a stranger has complimented me. And it will happen when you least expect it. Like on a train, or walking down the street. Just a normal day, then a stranger walks past and says “hey, you look fabulous!” and all of a sudden you’re walking straighter and you’re feeling like a hot bitch. And you deserve to feel that way!

Don’t be scared to compliment a stranger. As long as your earnest and genuine, you keep a safe distance and try not to make yourself look threatening (we don’t want to compliment to backfire and make them feel uncomfortable!), then you could really make someone happy.

Maddy x


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