Partying With Pirates

If you’re a fan of pirates, metal and drinking (like me), then Aussie pirate rockers Lagerstein are for you! Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Lagerstein dress as pirates, drink like pirates and sing about, yep you guessed it, pirates! And everything involved with being pirate, namely drinking.

However my Dad says, “they don’t dress as pirates. They ARE pirates. They just put their fucking clothes on.”

I found this gang of scallywags while watching videos of fellow pirate rockers Alestorm (from Scotland), and happened to see them live when they supported Alestorm on their Australian tour. The band consists of Captain Gregarr (vocals), The Majestic Beast (lead guitar), Neil Rummy Rackers (rhythm guitar), The Immobilizer (bass), Mother Junkst (violin/keytar), Jacob (keyboards) and Ol’ mate Dazzle (drums).

The other night I went to their gig at the Bendigo Hotel, a crappy but awesome pub in Collingwood, Melbourne. I gotta say, fuck Lagerstein put on a good show. I may have got a little too in to the spirit of things and had five ciders, and ran head first into the mosh, but holy crap did I have a good time. I made my way up to the front, where my knees were the perfect height to get smashed into the stage and result in much bruising. I got elbowed in the boob like ten times, whacked in the head and pushed this way and that. But that’s what makes an awesome show in my books. Plus I was making faces with the keytarist/violinist, which was fun.

Before the show, I sat down outside near their bass player, “The Immobilizer”, and he said to me “wanna do a shoe-y with us?” A shoe-y being, I soon found out, pouring some form of alcohol into your shoe, and drinking it. He then proceeded to pour beer into his mouth using his thong as a funnel. When someone else said they didn’t have drink to participate, The Immobilizer promptly pulled a beer out from somewhere on his person. I still don’t know where he was keeping it.

I wish I took a photo of the gig to accompany my little piece here, but I didn’t. All I have is a pre-show snapchat (any excuse to dress as a pirate, I’ll take it) and a selfie I took before work the morning after, where I donned my Lagerstein shirt.

Check out Lagerstein yourself!

Pirate Music Piracy (live in London)

Lagerstein on

Maddy xxx




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