My New Mistress

full set

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I have a lingerie addiction. And like most addicts, I often can’t afford to serve it. Which causes me a great deal of (materialistic) pain. But I pull through. I live for the moments when I can spare a couple of dollars (or a hundred…or more) and buy myself a set.

One of the many loves of my life, and second home, is Australian luxury lingerie and adult “toy” store Honey Birdette. I’m on a first name basis with a number of the girls that work there, and referred to as a VIP.


My most resent purchase is their black Mistress bra and suspender set. Instead of purchasing the matching knickers or thong, I went for a pair of their french knickers, because I am yet to own a pair of those and I figured that was a bit of a travesty. I would love to provide a full body shot of the set because hot-damn is it sexy, but my mirror selfies are awkward as hell and until I figure out a way to get a decent full body shot that isn’t a selfie, you’ll have to deal with what I’ve given you.


The bra is a gorgeous, black lace and satin long line bra with a demi-cup underneath a delicate lace cup which comes up to the satin straps, with little diamontied detailing that sit across your ladies, giving it a touch of the bondage feel, but in a really elegant way. The garters have a satin waist band which is so comfortable, and a soft boning to give it a bit of structure. I went for an XS, even though I would normally be a Medium in that sort of sizing, as the suspenders are quite stretchy and once you have the stockings attached they can slip down. I also like to have my suspenders high waisted, as it suits my shape better. It features the same thin, diamontied detailing that’s featured in the bra, and the soft as silk lace. The french knickers are also incredibly soft, and have the cute-but-sexy red lace up back which is so fun.

If you live in Australia, I strongly suggest you give Honey Birdette a visit. No need to be shy, the girls there will make you feel so at ease amongst the bondage and, *ahem*, toys. But also just check out their lingerie. It’s amazing quality, they have a variety of styles and designs to suit everyone. They cater to sizes A-E, but an F could easily fit in to some of their non-padded designs (I have a friend that often does). And as someone on the larger size (12E, in fact), I can honestly say they are so comfortable and supportive! It’s not just costume lingerie, it’s the real stuff! They even have a set that features french lace made in an 100 year old machine, that is finished off by hand.

Maddy xxx

P.S, check out their online store!



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